The year in review, a few high and low points
according to me, subject to frequent revision and hindsight. Comments welcomed (no flamers please)

good- 09 Forester- everything about it-

good- Subaru is one of only a few companies with good sales volume for the year. Thanks go to the redesigned 09 Forester for being a great car at the right time and making the year!

good-  09 WRX comes out swinging with more power, suspension and body upgrades - what's with summer tires on the WRX anyway? Those tires even confused SoA who put out incorrect window stickers at first.
but bad- 08 STI sells but only with 0% and $5000 dealer bonus cash. Ouch. Is the 09 WRX an STI eater?

bad- no word on a diesel or anything else that might get 30++ mpg
but good- gas prices go back down (and people quickly forget)

bad- fixes and stop sales on turbos and Tribecas.
but good- it's uncommon with Subaru, but inevitable, and Subaru is very pro-active about fixing things quickly.

good- Subaru WRX does well at the X Games in LA
but bad- Fuji pulls out of the WRC but SoA will still help sponsor US drivers

good- Subaru is still a cool company -  offering optional footwell lighting (Impreza, Forester) etc
good- 09 Forester is Motor Trend SUV of the year
good- advertising, Subaru goes back to it's roots with a Love Your Subaru ad campaign. Now all they need to do is bring back Paul Hogan!

good-  Crash tests results - Tribeca, Legacy, Forester, and Impreza get Top Safety Picks from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (

bad- another car company nibbles at Fuji, buying a piece of the company
but good- the company is Toyota- couldn't ask for a better partner

good and bad-  overall 08 was a good year for a well run car company that makes good cars


1. since 1975, 4x4 or all wheel drive for giving Subaru identity and life separate from the rest of the world

2. 1992 SVX for being a beautiful, 2 door power cruiser trying to find a place slice through a world of SUVs. RIP 1992-1997

3. 1990 Legacy for bringing a modern Subaru to the US.

4. 1996 Outback for helping create the crossover market and saving Subaru from a slow boring death by the uber utility Legacy

5. 1999 Impreza RS for being the fun-to-drive place holder until SoA got it together to bring the real fun-to-drive car (WRX) to the US. RIP 1999-2001

6. WRX for being a fast, affordable, well made little rocket and showing that Subaru was more than Outbacks and Foresters

7. Paul Hogan, the Aussie actor whose commercials made driving an Outback in the Outback a pop culture hit. Thanks Paul, we still owe you...

8. 2009 Forester for showing that Subaru can make a car that's also good looking

9. 1982-84 GL 4x4 with the 3rd center headlight

10. the 2005-09 Legacy GTs, Outback and Forester XTs that never have really found a home despite being well made and a value for what they offer.

didn't quite work out, worst

1995 Outback for being 2 toned and that's all

for being a cheap tart- the 1994-5 SVX 'L', a front wheel drive, cloth interior watered down version of the hot SVX.

Imposter staggers swaggers into the party- the Tribeca shows up at the end of the SUV party, calls itself a 7 passenger when it's really a 5 +2 seater, and has an underpowered engine that likes premium fuel.

'and we could have almost kissed' - The 2003-6 Baja for being  the truck that never was a little cutie of a truck with a bed that measured 46.25 inches at the tailgate so you couldn't carry a sheet of plywood, and for having the shortest and tallest roof rack ever. And yes it was US designed and built. (oh- I almost forgot- and for having a neat 2 piece bed cover that you can't buy!)

the 1980s XT was cool at the time but is remembered now for little other than a totally sharp wedge design and adjustable dashboard 'pod'

the 09 STI that lists for $7000 more than the better equipped and almost as fast 09 WRX Premium with All Weather package and sunroof (so there!)

oh Justy where art thou-  Subaru for not having a car that gets over 30mpg,

state of denial and speaking of economy- Subaru has a diesel almost everyplace else in the world else but the US and Canada, and won't talk about it. Do we need an intervention?